Coppélia – Dynamic relaxation of origami

Coppélia is a mechanical shell structure situated on the dockside next to Gothenburg’s Opera House. To celebrate the art of dancing and as a gesture of respect to the ever changing context of the site, Coppélia is a flexible structure suited for spontaneous meetings and interaction. With a simple push you can bring her to life. Coppélia was born out of my desire to pursue a creative impulse from start to finish with focus on three themes - motion, transformation and optimization.
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Moving Matter

Perseus is a gravity defying auditorium inspired by the powerful nature of sound, which has the ability to escape even the pull of the massive black hole in the Perseus cluster in our galaxy. The auditorium captures the essence of this phenomenon by encapsulating the sound. Perseus is the large auditorium located inside a large performance venue. It is an ambitious and extraordinary structural and architectural concept since the auditorium is not connected to the ground, instead it is soaring above as if lifted by an invisible force.
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